Woodland Arts

Contemporary and Traditional Anishnabe Black Ash Basketry
Birch Bark Bitings, and Fiber Arts

Kelly Church 
Gun lake Band Potawatomi, Grand Traverse Band Ottawa and Chippewa

Cherish Parrish
Gun lake Band

Kelly and Cherish are a mother and daughter team that come from an unbroken line of black ash basket makers, going back many generations. Our family harvests and processes all of our materials from the woods and forests of Michigan. We weave with Black ash, White cedar, Birch bark, Sweetgrass, Basswood, and make Baskets, and Birch Bark Bitings from the Birch tree.
In 2002, the Emerald ash Borer was discovered in Michigan. Since its discovery, Michigan has lost over 500 million ash trees, and the Department of agriculture predicts the loss of the entire ash resource of North America. To sustain the traditions of the Anishnabe and cultures of the NE US, seed collection from ash trees is vital. 
We are very active in educating the public about the Emerald ash borer, and travel extensively to share our teachings with Anishnabe and tribes from around the US and Canada.
We offer Basketry and Birch Bark biting workshops, and presentations about Anishnabe Fiber arts and Black ash basketry and the threat of EAB, geared for larger audiences. Public Speaking and Lecture Inquiries welcome.
Black ash basket consulting available. I can help you evaluate your current collection, add to it, and complete your Black ash basket collection!

Miigwetch! (Thank-you!) We hope you enjoy our site!

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